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About Dan

Dog lover (Duh!)

Tattoo collector

Cereal connoisseur

gaming nerd

"Can we get a dog?" was always the question that I asked my parents as a child, only to be met with an honest answer 'No, it wouldn't be fair on them as we are out all day'.

I always wanted one, for as long as I can remember. 

Imagine my joy when, at 26, I was in a position to have not just one but seven. 

Seven kind souls who people gave up for one reason or another.

Seven bundles of energy who nobody else wanted. Who love me unconditionally. Who welcome me back every single time I come through the front door or wake from my night's sleep.

Now 33, I'm based in Bournemouth and run A Billion Clicks alongside my full time job within Bournemouth Council. If I'm not working, I'm photographing. If I'm not photographing, I'm editing. If I'm not editing I'm probably asleep.

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My journey into photography began photographing humans. I kept this up for several years, on and off. It's not to say I didn't enjoy it but something just wasn't ticking all the right boxes.

After packing my camera away for quite some time (mainly due to the issue of having somewhere to store it) we eventually moved to a bigger house with a bigger garden, somewhere the dogs could run around. The moment I captured the dogs playing and having fun, I knew photographing dogs was something I wanted to do.

Chasing a ball, jumping for a toy or posing for a treat, I wanted to capture it. Practice practice practice. I wanted to be better. It's one thing taking pictures of your waggy tailed best friend on your phone, it's another capturing their personality and everything you love about them...

...I finally had something to be passionate about.


Over the course of the next 3 years, I began developing a style - something which I believe is a little different to the norm. 

I do this because I love it. I do it because one day I want to look back at pictures and not wish I had taken more. I do this because I want to give you something that you can physically hold onto, long after you have said goodbye to your best friend.

My inspiration is as follows:

Yogi, Piglet, Rooster, Elliot, Margot, Kitten, Roman.

Need some inspiration?