How it works


Step one

The planning

Contact me using the email form and I will get in touch at a time that is convenient for you.

This also gives me the chance to find out more about your dog and the sort of pictures you would like.

We'll go over suitable locations as this is an important part of your dog's photo session and discuss the best date and times for us to meet. 

This can be one of your dog's regular walks or another stunning location of your choosing. Being on the south coast of England, with all that Dorset and Hampshire has to offer, we're truly spoilt for choice.

I aim to hold sessions from mid-afternoon onwards as this is when the sun is lower in the sky and therefore softer.

Step two

The big day

The session begins with a short walk and a friendly introduction to your dog so that they are happy for me to be around them. This might be brief if they are comfortable with me being there or it might take a little longer if they are not too sure.

Then the fun begins! 

I'll capture your dog in action, be that chasing their favourite ball or running along the beach, as well as portraits and everything in between.

Dogs will be dogs, so if things don't go exactly to plan, we just go with it. The best photo opportunities will always happen when your dog is having fun.

The duration of each session varies between 1 to 3 hours but I won't leave until I'm satisfied I have everything I need.


Step Three

The big reveal 

Once the session has finished, I get to work on the images.

They will be professionally retouched and given my look before being presented to you.

Images will be ready for you to view within 2 weeks. Once you have decided how you want your favourite pictures displayed, you can just leave the rest to me. 

There is no pressure and no hard sell.

I check each piece of artwork thoroughly and only when I'm happy with it will I then deliver it to your front door, ready to hang proudly in your home.

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